A Day on the Goldfields

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A Day on the Goldfields

Every night, miners would have a weapon to protect themselves from theives (especially bushrangers). This was a sign of gold fever.

We had to have a gold license to mine for gold. It was worth alot of money. Of course the government did that to get more people working in the city. This was very serious. Troopers would walk around checking everyone's license's. Miners who don't have licenses usually tries to run away but the troopers ends up punishing them.

Gold Licenses

A Taleof Hardship


Travelling was difficult. I risked my life travelling overseas. It was a long way. Migrating was difficult. Everyone was crowded onto boats/ships.

Schooling at this time was hard. Especially for me and my beautiful son, Harison. Click here to see how school life was.

Punishes were very harsh those days. Criminals would be whipped many times. This caused skin and flesh to come of. It was thought that after they were whipped, they would never commit a crime again.

Name: William MurphyAge:26Origin Country: IrelandNumber of People in Family: 3

A Day on the Goldfields

I was living in Ireland when there was a report of gold being found in Australia. My family wasn't wealthy so I decided to do it for my family. Everyone was crowded onto ships and boats. I arrived in Australia where I had to walk to the goldfields. Many people were there. It stank! Tents and holes, arguing and racism, digging and splashing. Everyone needed a gold license just to search for gold! It was expenisive. I worked hard and managed to buy a gold license. I started digging. Searching for gold is like gambling, depending on luck.

School were very limited. My child, Harison went to a school were teachers were strict. There are teachers who are stict and some who couldn't keep control. I had to make a good choice and a hard one too. My wife and I decided to choose the strict teacher. I didn't want my son to learn nothing at all. I didn't have good education but I want my too so one day he wouldn't just depend on my wife and I.

Copy this URL to open to a tab which allows you to interact what the Gold Rush was like.http://www.myplace.edu.au/TLF_resources/L702/description.html

Life was hard on the goldfields. Click here to watch how.


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