A Day in the Life of a Teacher

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A Day in the Life of a Teacher

A Day In The Life Of a TeacherBy William Atkin

The typical schedule of a teacher’s day coincides with the early hours of the morning to the late hours of the afternoon. They arrive at school around 6 AM, and leave around 5 PM. Many spend their first hour at school planning out the lessons for the day. After that, class is in session until around 11 AM. Some teachers are responsible for monitoring the students during lunch time. After lunch, teachers resume class until 2-3:30 PM, when most school dismiss their students.Many teachers stay after school to tutor, coach sports, grade papers, and prepare for the next school day.

What is the typical schedule of a teacher’s day?

What are the students like during these ages/grade levels?

How many students in a class?

595 students per school based on taking the average # of students in Arizona’s top 25 schools20 students per teacher based on taking average student/teacher ratio in Arizona’s top 25 schools (where data was applicable).

Most schools in Arizona have a majority of while students. Coincidentally, 33% of whites are living below the low-income threshold. Hispanics are the next biggest group of students in Arizona. 67% of hispanic students live in low-income households. Next biggest group after hispanics is between African-Americans and Asians. 62% of African-American students live in low-income households, while 32% of Asian students live in the same income block. Native-American and Pacific Islander ethnicities are virtually non-existent. 77% of Native-American students live in low-income households. No data for Pacific Islanders.

Information center: an area on the wall with the class schedule and missing assignments.Teacher’s desk: a workspace for the teacher, which also accommodates office supplies (stapler, tape, pencils, pens, etc.) for the students.Filing cabinet near teacher’s desk to hold submitted assignments throughout the school year.Bulletin board posted with daily lesson plans. Located toward the front of the room. Labeled bins at the front of the room that hold students’ journals

What does the typical classroom look like and is equipped with?

What is the average demographic make-up of the students? Their parents?

What content does the teacher teach throughout the day?

The following information was given anonymously by a Phoenix area high school teacherI teach literature and language, two different classes. 12th grade is Language, 11th grade is literature. I’d say the 11th grade class, I teach summary analysis and reflection of literature. In the language class, I want students to develop an ability to adeptly articulate themselves in creating works of language, such as novels, speech, poems, etc.

How would the teacher characterize the vibe in their classroom?

The following information was given anonymously by a Phoenix area high school teacherI would say that students display mutual respect for each other and myself. I am always eager to listen to students and give them a voice in the classroom. Students always take their learning task very seriously and give it their best.

Video of History Teacher

What do students think of high school?


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