A day in the life of a French girl (Geography)

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A day in the life of a French girl (Geography)

The Daily Life of a French Girl

adapted from story by Eleanor Hedges-Durou, age 10

Take a piece of paper and fold it in half. Write Franny's name on one half and list of the things she does. Put your name on the other half and make a list about your day. Show how you are like Franny and how you are different.

A story in french. How many words did you recognize?

Here is a fun site to explore. Find out about their food. What holidays do they celebrate?

Get a 360 Degree Aerial tour of Paris, France. Stop the picture and zoom in on places of interest.

the Louvre Museum: One thing that makes the Louvre so great is that it doesn't display French culture only but men's realizations in general, from everywhere on the globe, might be China, might be Italy, might be south America.

France has a holiday in July. It is called Bastille Day. We have a similar holiday in July. What is it and how are they alike. Look beyond the obvious.


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