A Day in the Life of a Child

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A Day in the Life of a Child

A Day In the Life of a ChildAddison SmithA British Girl

MorningOnce again, I woke up from my deep sleep on the most uncomfortable bed. I looked around and saw the same old, drab room that isn't even spacious! Soon after, I heard my mum give me an invitation to breakfast, it was the worse invitaion I had ever received. It's exactly like deja vu, a neverending loop.

A Tale of Hardships

Me (middle) and my parents (beside me) during a photograph

Dad ready to buy mutton

What a boring happless and miserable life I've got!

The Smith's House

Addison Smith(Me)

ChoresImmediately after breakfast, I had to do the gruelling chores again, everyday I just wake up, eat, do chores, eat again, then sleep. There's nothing fun you could get out of that routine! I seldom get rest which I hated because I'm not really energetic. I was the dishes, hang the clothes, wash the clothes, clean the house, fetch water from the river and at some point I would have to cook. I then have another repellent and revolting dinner of mutton, sometimes we might have some delicious damper with the combination of water and flour which was the only food I found delighting. The chores basically finish the whole day. No rest, no fun, no nothing.

Breakfast The food never looked appetising, all that the food prompted me to do is barf my insides out. I never get to eat with dad... Mum says he is doing some labourius work, which is mining, I barely see him. I just can't stop thinking about dad, he is out there doing perilous mining! It isn't very lively here without him. The porridge isn't even worth eating, you can tell just by the presentation. It doesn't even have any flavour so I wouldn't bother.

BedtimeAfter another exhausting and dissatisfying day, I lay down on the rough bed and contemplated about my happless life. How I was dumb and uneducated because my parents only thought that my only role here was to do the tiring chores. I'm not even home-schooled! I also contemplated how my life was horrible and dreadful it was also miserable. I keep contemplating until I fall into another deep sleep, sometimes I don't want to sleep because once I wake up, it will be like I didn't exit yesterday and instead I will enter another tale of harships.

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