A Creator's Responsibility

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A Creator's Responsibility

A Creator's Responsibility

Fill in the vocabulary terms below on your worksheet for questions #1-3.

Key Vocabulary

1) Piracy: Stealing copyrighted work by downloading or copying it in order to keep, sell or give it away without permission and without paying2)Plagiarize: Copying, "lifting," or making slight changes to some or all of someone else's work an saying you wrote it. 3)Acknowledge:Giving credit to someone's work you use by clearly stating thier name, title of the work, year it was made and a hyperlink.

Discussion Questions:1. What responsibilities do you think you have to respect others' creative work?2. Can you remember the last time you copied, downloaded or shared some type of creative work? (Ex. Cut out a photo from a magazine)3. Can you think of a time when you used someone else's work in something you made?

Henry's Story: Watch the above video to answer questions #7-10 on your worksheet.

Read Case Studies 1-4 to answer the remaining questions on your worksheet.



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