A Chinese Cinderella

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A Chinese Cinderella

She went to her first school and was the top of her class the whole time she was there.

Around 1938

Adeline Yen Mah originally did not know her birthday and neither did her father. He didn't even remember her name! The story is about her from around 4 or 5 years old to 14 years old.

In Adeline's family, she was called Wu Mei which meant "fifth daughter". Adeline was how the Americans called her name. After her father found out that she had won the playwriting competition, her father called her Adeline.

No one really treated Adeline the way that she had wanted to be treated in her house. The only people that really cared for her was her Nai Nai, Ye Ye, and Aunt Baba. Her grandparents, Nai Nai and Ye Ye, died and her Aunt Baba was separated from her. It took a long time for her friends to learn about how she is treated at home. Outside of her house, she was very well respected.

She was sent away because she had gone to her friend's birthday party without telling her parents because they have NEVER let her go out. Eventually, they found out and her dad whipped her with the training whip they use to train the dog. Another reason was her friends came by unexpectedly to celebrate her becoming the class president. Her stepmother slapped her very hard because of that.

Aunt Baba finally replied to Adeline after a long time. She had told her a story that she had said was called Cinderella in America. Because Adeline's life was very much like Cinderella's, her Aunt Baba called her "Chinese Cinderella."

Adeline was ALWAYS the top of every single class she was in throughout all of the schools she went to. Her Ye Ye and Aunt Baba consistently told her that she should work hard and with that hard work, she will go very far in life.


Early 1942

The day Adeline was born.



She moved to Shanghai and went to school there. She was once again the top of her class. On her first day of school, no one planned her a ride to and from school.

The life of Adeline Yen Mah, an unwanted daughter.Author: Adeline Yen MahBy Alexis Almeria

A Chinese Cinderella

Adeline got a pet duck that she cared for like a sister and she loved it with all of her heart. Sadly, her father used it to train their dog and her duck was bitten so it died.

She was sent away to a boarding school all by herself and was left there to learn English.

Later 1948

She was picked up by her Niang's sister and they brought her to Hong Kong. There she entered another boarding school and skipped many grades


She had entered a playwriting competition and won! Because of this, her father agreed to let her go to college in Europe. However, she had to study in medical school but she didn't care because she was so excited.

Adeline Yen Mah grew up in a harsh family. Her mother died a couple of days after she was born because she had her. Her siblings blame her for their mother's death. Her father married her Niang who was very mean to her. Her Aunt Baba, Nai Nai, and Ye Ye always supported her and were the only ones that treated her the best in her family. Sadly, her NaiNai and Ye Ye died. Growing up she was always the top of her class. She had constantly moved from place to place but she was always the best academic wise. She had gotten a pet and named it PLT. She had loved it with all of her heart but then it died from their house dog biting it while seeing if the dog was trained. When her friends came over to her house uninvited, Adeline was sent away to a boarding school by herself. Eventually, her aunt, her Niang's sister, picked her up and brought her to Hong Kong. There she was enrolled at the Sacred Heart another boarding school. Before a term ended, she had entered a playwriting competition. She won the competition and because of this, her father allowed her to go to college in Europe. However, instead of studying writing, she studied in medical school.


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