A Child Called It

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A Child Called It

''A Child Called It''byDave Pelzer

''... my courage took over and I stole bits of frozen food from the garage freezer'' (Pelzer 78).


''I had to buy time. The second hand seemed to creep ever so slowly. To keep Mother off balance, I began to ask questions''(Pelzer 42).


''I knew she wanted me to cave in, but I held back the tears''(Pelzer 106).

''I knew Mother wasn't going to give in and open the door. To survive her new game, I had to use my head''(Pelzer 108).

''I froze in the aisle, not knowing what to do... I began to think about all the times I had been starving. Suddenly with out thinking, I grabbed the first thing I saw on the shelf, ran out of the store and raced back to school'' (Pelzer 60).

''I willed the wound to heal. Somehow I knew it would. I felt proud of my self. I imagined myself like a character in a comic book, who overcame great odds...''(Pelzer 98).

''If my brothers made any comments to me, I fired back at them. I simply told myself that I wasn't going to take anybody's...any more''(Pelzer 142).

''My hands werw shaking with fear, as tears streamed down my face...finnally I told my self,'you cry, you die.Now,take care of the wound'' (Pelzer 97).

''... that she could beat me only if I died, and I was determined not to give in, even to death'' (Pelzer 91).

''After I counted her steps, making sure she's gone, I breathe a sigh of relief. The act worked. Mother can beat me all she wants, but I haven't let her take away my will to survive'' (Pelzer 4).


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