A Child Called It

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A Child Called It

As soon as David got home he knew that the beatings and torture would begin. Even though the kids at school would make fun of him, he would rather be at school then at home. His mom always told him that what happened at home was not to be spoken about when out in public.

A Child Called It

Thesis Statement:Life has its struggles, you have to be strong and have enough courage to overcome the challenges.

"I began to fantasize Mom greeting me with hugs and kisses. My fantasy included the family living happily ever after." pg.32

This book is a true story of the life of the author David Pelzer. In this book it talks about David growing up and how much abuse he went through. His mother was not only mentally disturbed but she also abused alcohol and would constantly beat, starve, and play torturous games with David. These included putting him in a room with buckets of ammonia and Clorox, feeding David his own puke, forcing him to burn his hand on the stove, and many other horrible games. The games never ended either, they just got worse, the more he resisted, the worse the games were going to be. David’s mother began to brainwash the other members of the family to not treat David like he belonged, to treat him like an 'it', not a human being. When David was younger he would always look to his dad for savior and to make the abuse go away. As David got older his mom started abusing his dad as well, which resulted in his parents getting a divorce. David was then left alone and had no one to look for to get any help. In the end David pushes through with his inner strength and courage to overcome the abuse and his mother, his biggest challenge.

David through the whole book never felt like he was ever wanted. His mom and brother's would constintally remind him that they didn't like him, nor want him to be part of the family. David felt like there was no way out, he was the ugly duckling.

"Time spent outside the classroom was at least better than Mother's 'hell house'." pg.137

All David ever wanted was to feel a part of something, to be loved unconditionally, and most of all he just wanted to be happy. David just wanted a true relationship with his mother.

"You are nobody! You are nonexistent! You are a bastard child! I hate you and I wish you were dead!" pg. 140

This communicates my theme because the artist is talking about how he grew up and his mom was out of control and abusive. This relates to my theme, because he was a child when it was happening and he had to survive the abuse, just like David in the book. Its also similar to the book because the dad doesnt really have a say in anything and is not really part of the childs life.


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