A Chef

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A Chef

A chef is a person who provides the service of making food for others to enjoy.

In order to become a chef, you have to study at a culinary arts college or training school. There are a number of city and guild qualifications thaty a person must havfe in order to work in professiona kitchens and food outlets. So it is very important to know what types of foods you want to specialize in and where you want to cook before you choose a program.

There are many different kinds of chefs, but the one I found most interesting was the Pastry Chef. A Pastery Chef makes all kinds of sweets!

The standard uniform for a chef is as follows: hat, necktie, double-breasted jacket, apron, capped shoes or clogs. A chef'shat is tall to allow for the circulation of air above the head and also provides an outlet for heat. The hat will assist in the prevention of sweat dripping down the face. Skullcaps are an alternative hat worn by chefs.



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