A Brother's Journey

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A Brother's Journey

The Journey of a Young Boy

Glog by:Adriana Alvarez

About Their FamilyRichard´s mother is very distant with them, she doesn´t like to tell her kids about anything from the past. When talking about his father the conversation got really deep and his mother was talking about how Richard´s father felt bad for David but could never do anything because he was scared of his wife. Richard´s mother said ¨He doesn´t deserve the family values we have in this house¨ (52)

About the StoryRichard is 8 years old, he has 4 brothers, David, Ross, Scott, & Kieth. Richard is the youngest. Also, the most abused. Richard grew up thinking that David was the bad kid and he deserved the punishments he got. His mother was an alcoholic day and night. They didn´t know much about their father he left them at a young age because he couldn´t deal with what his wife did. Even when their father was around he didn´t do much to help with the situations that his kids were going through. David had to sleep in the basement on an army cot and when it was time for supper he had to wait until the others were done eating to eat the leftovers. When David got stabbed by his mother the police found out and sent him away to a foster family. Richard was scared because if David is gone that means she needs to find a new punching bag.

CitationsDavid escaped and that really changed Richard because he now has to deal with his mother alone. Richard said ¨He was the one who got away! He was the one who broke out of the chains of Hell¨Richards mother told him that Santa wasn´t real, that really changed his thought on everything because now as an adult he has trust issues. ¨There is no Santa Claus and its time you understand that. I am the only one who takes care of this family and you.¨

About the AuthorThe author of my choice book is Richard B. Pelzer. He is now married and has one kid who he loves dearly. Richard suffered through a childhood of being the one that was abused the most. His older brother Dave wrote the book A Child Called ¨IT¨. David got taken out of the house when he was 12, which worried Richard about being the next victim.

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