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A Beautiful Mind


The story of John Nash - a mathematical genius by the age of thirty.

Creator of original theories, PHD owner, professor, and winner of a Nobel Prize.

The themes of this biography are moral values and the healing power of love.

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A Beautiful MindBy Sylvia Nasar

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Basic Facts:

When the biography starts, its takes place in 1947 when John Nash receives the prominent Carnegie scholarship for mathematics to go and study at Princeton University. The biography covers from when he was attending Princeton till his Nobel Prize award in 1994. John Nash received his Ph.D from his twenty - seven page essay on mathematics and economics in 1950. The next year - 195, he became a member of the faculty at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1958, unfortunately his fight with schizophrenia began, and sadly continued for a great part of his life. John Nash ultimately returned to Princeton and became a professor there. After thirty-six lengthy years with battling schizophrenia in mental institutions and taking medications every day, John Nash won the Nobel Prize in Economic sin 1994.

Why I read this biography? Why Should You Read it?

I decided that it was worth reading this biography because I would have never known about the brilliant mathematician - John Nash if I haven’t read the book. I love reading books about people with dazzling ideas which have an extra something to them. John Nash is an extraordinary person who fights with a dangerous to himself and others disease that took over his life. His story is fascinating and unbelievable to read due to the fact that he has a huge disadvantage from everyone else. He fights an eternal battle with himself to define real and hallucinatory. This story doesn’t relate to my life in any way, but it does to many people, and I think that more people should read this amazing story so they can be aware of how people with this type of disease feel and function. I loved this book, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Why Was This Book Written?

Syvlia Nasar - the author of this biography, was so fascinated by John Nash' scholarly achievements and by his incredible fight with schizophrenia. She was so inspired by him and his accomplishments as she heard his speech when he received the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1994, that she decided to write his biography so much more people could learn about him and his triumph; not only about mathematics but also about his lengthy fight with schizophrenia.

Description of Most Important Words

A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar is an exquisite biography of skillful mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr. which explores his life in detail with all of his accomplishments despite his main issue - schizophrenia. The story of John Nash - a mathematical genius by the age of thirty, and with the guidance of a beautiful altruistic woman and the help of the mathematical community of Princeton University, arose after decades of no social behaviour with winning a Nobel Prize and worldwide recognition. One of the themes that I perceived, was the respect of moral values. The protagonist of this biography constantly sees Parcher - a man who hires John to work for him to decode to Russian codes through common newspapers and magazines, Charles - John’s best friend and roommate at Princeton University, and Marcee - Charles’ niece, which are all established from John’s mind due to his sickness. John Nash displays his moral values through his work. He is a mathematician who went to study at Princeton University in his early twenties and was discovered to be a great mathematician through his original theory, also known as the “Nash Equilibrium”. He worked for imaginary William Parcher for many years to decode Soviet codes in order to save the United States and their allies from Russian bombings. This noble act shows high moral values since John allocated most of his life serving Parcher in the name of his country, even though his work didn’t actually help the government, as it was not real. This idea connects to the larger words on my word cloud, because he spent all of his life solving equations and making new discoveries so he could alert the US government of Russian plans, and even after he was accepted in a mental institution because of his schizophrenic state, he stopped taking his medication. This was because his medicine helped him to no longer see people from his imagination, therefore he thought he let Parcher down because he wasn’t working for him any longer. His whole life, he had worked with numbers and logic to devise new authentic theories, and he was a Ph.D professor at MIT to help teach students with compassion about complex mathematics. Another theme that I explored was the healing power of love. If Alicia Nash wasn’t next to John throughout the toughest parts of his life, John wouldn’t of fought against his schizophrenia. She was the reason that he decided to keep taking his medication so she could live the life that she always wanted to live. She meant everything to him, and showed him what was real and what wasn’t.

John Nash is now 86 years old, and he is still alive after all that he has been through.

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