a 10 warthog

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a 10 warthog

A-10 Warthog:-Function: kill everything that moves-Crew:1-Unit Cost:$9.8 million-Length, Wingspan, and Height: 53ft, 58ft, 15ft-Weight:25,600 lbs (empty), 51,000 (max takeoff) -Performance: 420 mph, 45,000 ft (ceiling), 800 miles (range)-Total built: 751




  • 18efrasier 10 years ago

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    I love your glogster. I want to be a piolet.

  • crizze2905 10 years ago

    crizze2905's avatar

    nice, i would think about being a pilot thanks to you

  • bickesea000 9 years ago

    bickesea000's avatar

    This would blow up a lot.

  • TehUltimateWaffle 9 years ago

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    This Is AWESOME!!!!

  • danielenco 8 years ago

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    nice glog dude. you really pulled it off man!!
    my uncle is a great pilot.my great grandpa was in the world war II. he dropped bombs and shot missiles at Germany.