9/27/10 Newsletter

by notzka
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9/27/10 Newsletter

9/27/10 Newsletter Language Arts and History

ReadingWe are reading chapters 3-7 in TSBand concentrating on making level 4 predictions.

Click here for videos and explanation of the reading stratagies "hand"

HistoryWe will introduce the middle east map. Students will be learning the map by creating comic strips in groups. We will also be having our first debate the topic is, should a Mosque be built near ground zero?

Important Dates and HomeworkNo School Monday Oct 11thWed 9/29 100 reading min due with signature and current event: Mosque debate

Bedside 5!Research shows that reading and studying information the last minutes before going to sleep helps our brains move that information into our long-term memory. Each month students will be given information that makes school life easier. The goal is to study this information 4-5 evenings before bed. This will give it a better chance at moving into long-term memory. If you can't study it before you go to bed, study at a time that works best for you. The idea is to memorize the information.

This month's bedside 5 is dealing with concepts in TSB. A study sheet will be sent home this Wednesday and the test will be Wed. Oct 13th.

Extended DayStarts Next Mon. and Thurs. 2:40-3:40. We will start by working on our current events and then move to reading stratagies. You don't need to sign up. This will be a great time to get extra help on your homework and fine tune the "hand".

Contact me: Renaye Notzkarnotzka@tcsd.org733-4234


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