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Language Arts Newsletter 9/16

Homework100 Reading Minutes signed by MondayBedside 5 will be assigned on Monday and it will be vocabulary words for the "Touching Spirit Bear" novel.Expository article about 9/11 needs to be read and the activity completed by 9/26

WritingStudents will be completing a writing evaluation based on past PAWS (Wy test). There are two prompts, one is for narrative text and the other is a sequence essay for expository text. These writing samples allow us to focus on each student's needs.

"Just Right Books"Research shows that the number 1 way to improve your reading is by reading a book at your "just right" level. Like Goldilocks, not too hard not too easy.Here is a check list to help you decide if the book is at your "just right" level.1. Read a page outloud to someone, have them count how many words you miss. If it's more than 5 its too hard.2. Can you connect to the book in someway? 3. Can you summarize what you just read aloud to someone correctly?4. Can you make a prediction, connection, or inference?

click here to access the 6th grade teachers web page.or email uscparrott@tcsd.orgjcarr@tcsd.orgjlovett@tcsd.orgrnotzka@tcsd.org

School Pictures are Tuesday, Sept, 20th

ReadingWe have started our first shared reading, "Touching Spirit Bear" students are learning about the "high 5" reading strategies that relate to the hand document. Students will be transferring their new skills into their Independant reading book and reading journal. Click here for a video and examples of the hand.



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