90s Grunge

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90s Grunge

90's GRUNGE!!!

Grunge in the 90s was basicaly every bands' way of saying "we're not like you and we don't wanna be". It started in the mid 1980s but didn't start to gain real traction until the 90s because the bands Nirvana and Alice In Chains released their albums, they gained way more attention than expected. Before you know it, it was all over the place and the most preferred type of "rock" there was throughout the 90s.I'm not sure if I'm being biased or not but my top 7 grunge bands from the 90s are:1. Nirvana2. Radiohead3. Foo Fighters(kind of?)4. Pixies5. Sonic Youth6. The Smashing Pumpkins

Grunge is a slight mixture of punk rock and heavy metal; while some bands may lean towards one thing more than the other, they all typically contain the distortoed guitar sound we all know and love!! :)They contain more slower tempos and have more complex instrumentation and their lyrics are more often than not about feeling alone, feeling apathetic, feeling confined , and their desire to be set free all the while being filled with angst.

Their attire typically used ripped clothing, messy hair, and they look as if they had showered in a while (basically what Mrs, Brown said lol). Sometimes they wore leather. They didn't wear flashy things. They mostly wore jeans and stuff like that.Eevn in their music vidoes. Their music videos just looked really confusing with some type of weird edit most of the time and if it didn't have that, they were together as a band in a dark, smokey-like environment with some other things going on in the video. Probably still confusing, not gonna lie lol.

honorable mentions?

FUN FACT:The drummer of Nirvana started his own band after the lead singer, Kurt Cobain, died in 1994.His name is Dave Grohl.Dave made himself the lead singer and lead guitarist in the band Foo Fighters, which oddly enough formed the same year Kurt Cobain died. ANOTHER FUN FACT:It originally started off as a solo act.


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