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Miss Maudie

Aunt Alexandra

Life's Little InstructionsBy: Isabel Greiner, Kristy Zeng, Molly Zielke, and Claire Doyle

I chose this quote because it really shows what Atticus believes in throughout the book. Like when he defends Tom Robinson he followes his own advice by using words as a weapon instead of a gun, but he is still being coragous. It is also a great piece of advice that we should all follow.

This a quote I made up from the events of the rabid dog which Atticus shot and killed. He didn't brag and didn't accept praise. He did not like that he had a special advantage over animals and he put down his gun and gave it up. I think that we should all follow this because not everybody is good at certain things and you don't have to make them feel bad about it by bragging.

I chose this quote because of how important it is for people to follow. Not everybody gets along with everybody and it's important to see things from their poing to veiw because then at least you will understand were they are coming from.

This is a great quote for everyone to follow because of how much meaning it has for everybody. You need to try even if you can't win. This can also be used in everyday life such as in a soccer game against a hard team, a test you have'nt studied for, etc. Even if you don't have a good chance you need to try anyway because there is still a chance you could win like with Ms. Dubose she did win even when the odds were against her.

What is Courage?

Walk around in other peoples skin!

Never say Never!

How to be Humble!

This is another rephrased opinionated lesson given by Aunt Alexandra on what she thinks is an acceptable way of living. Again, though this piece of advice may not be what everyone believes in, it shows Aunt Alexandra's view on how everyone should run their life.

In this rephrased quote from a passage, Aunt Alexandra is expressing her opinions on how a lady should dress-no pants, always a dress. Even though not everyone may agree with this specific advice, it really showcases what Aunt Alexandra believes is right and proper.

In this quote, Jem is telling Scout about all 4 of the different kinds of people out there. He is referring to himself and Scout as “ordinary” and then Cunninghams, Ewells then the Negroes. This piece of advice may not be very kind, but it certainly shows that he cares about Scout.

In this quote, Jem is telling Scout not to antagonize their Aunt Alexandra. He is telling her that even though she may not care for her too much, she shouldn’t antagonize Aunty because they don’t want to put stress on anyone. Now, Jem doesn’t care for her much either, but he’s doing this for the better good.

In this quote, Ms. Maudie is telling Scout and Jem that even though Atticus is a really good shooter, he doesn’t mention it very often. She is teaching them that no matter how talented you are in something, you shouldn’t brag about it to other people. Instead you should be humble about it.

This is an important lesson that Miss Maudie teaches the children. It sounds like she’s only talking about the bird, but she is also talking about people in general. Mockingbirds don’t do anything to harm others so it’s a sin to kill them. When people don’t do anything to harm others, you shouldn’t do anything to them.

How to be Humble

Why is it a sin to kill a mockingbird

Jem's Caste System

Don't Antagonize

No Pants




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