9/11: The Day that Shook America

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9/11: The Day that Shook America

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Attack coordinated by al Qaeda Leader Osama Bin Laden that killed 2,977 innocent people

The American Intervention in the Middle East was the main reason that caused these horrible attacks on US soil and al Queda wanted to drive out American Influence because they believed it threatned the Islamic way of running a government

This was not the first time Bin Laden threatened to blow up the World Trade Centers he did back in 1993

This triggered the "Plan Of Attacks" started by President George W. Bush and General Tommy R. Franks on Afghanistan and the war on terroism which were launched in October 2001

DATE: September 9, 2001LOCATION: New York City, Washinton D.C and Shanksville PA


On the day on September 9, 2001 a group of 19 of plane hi-jackers from the al Qaeda took control of 4 commercial airliners. Two of them flown into the world trade centers and one flown into the pentagon. There was another plane hi-jacked that did not make it to its destination and crashed in a feild in Shanksville Pennsilvania.


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