8th Grade Searching and Curating

by TechnoQueen
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Social Studies
American History

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8th Grade Searching and Curating

I can construct effective searchesI can evaluate websourcesI can organize (curate) resources

Keep your research questions handy!!1. GOOGLE INSTANT2. Don't Ask Google ???'s Use as few keywords as possible!3. Google Advance OR Search Operators4. Quotation Marks5. Limit Domain AND Search with in a site6. Minus Sign7. Related or Similar URL's8. Place Holder or Wildcard *****9. Find Database 10.Google Pictures by COLOR & Original Website

Information Literacy

Searching on the Web

Now that you have some websites/articles? Now what? We need to look critically at each article!1. Author Purpose2. Authority3. Accuracy4. Credibilty5. BiasCheck the website! (use About or Alexa.com)

Let's Get Serious

Curatingthe Web

Look @ Your ListTitle Snippert URL Cached Link

1 Billion Websites



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