8th Grade Research Project

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8th Grade Research Project

8th Grade Research Project

Checklist__ Topic Statement__ Thesis Statement__ Outline__ Intro Paragraph__ Source Cards__ Note Cards__ Draft #1__ Draft #2__ Draft #3__ Editing Checklist__ Final Draft__ Copies of Sources

Topics to Choose From:1. Biography of a Historical Figure2. A Favorite Sport3. A Career4. A College

The Specifics:1. A 3-4 page research paper with all components from the checklist2. Glog or Powerpoint presentation about the topic and what you've learned**Each component will have a separate due date. It is EXTREMELEY important that you keep on top of things and turn them in ON TIME. We will do a good portion of the work in class, but you will also need to do the research and reading at home.

You Will Need:* At least 50 lined note cards* Something to keep your note cards together* At least THREE sources (one book, one DISCUS article, and one website)* Your MLA Handbook* A folder for your paper (must have three prongs)

Check out this link for tips and sources to help you write a rockin' research report!

Click here to find this and other great videos about writing (each video is numbered).



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