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8th grade English assignment

"By now though, 'The Lady with the Lamp' was virtually a saint in the eyes of the British people."(Gorrell 86)

Florence Nightingale

Caring, kind, selfless

Florence Nightingale: one of the best known woman in victorian medican. She was a true hero to her paitents and nurses in England. She was considared a saint--an angel--to the British citizens.

Determined,Perseverant,Sometimes manipulative

"For all the lives she had saved, she very nearly lost her own." (Gorrell 91)

"At night, Florence made rounds of the hospital by lamplight. She had a long walk; although the men lay close together , with just enough space that doctors and nurses could reach them, the rows of beds in the Barrack Hospital streached four miles." (Gorrel 76)

"But she had done more than save lives. She had shown that soldiers were decent men who responded to kindness and fairness, and deserve respect for thier bravery, loyalty and stoicism." (Gorrell 91)

"Although Florence cared deeply about her patients, and spent long, anguished hours among them, even more of her work was taken up by office work." (Gorrell 77)

"Woman were 'Psychologically unfit for higher education,' it was claimed... When Florence rejoined her mother and sister, after completing her training and receiving high praise for her escellence, she wrote,'I was treated as if i had come from committing a crime.'" (Gorrell 48)

"She spoke calmly and quietly, and those who worked with her said she never raised her vioce, but she put so much resolve and authority into her words that somehow- sooner or later-she almost always got her way." (Gorrell 79)

"Even as she lay in bed in Paris, sick with measles, she had been firing off letters to the committies. She had instructed them about furnishing the building." (Gorrell 52)

"When her determination and force weren't enough to defeat the opposition, she fell back on schemes and stratagems. She manipulated committee members, playing them against one another-..." (Gorrell 53)

"... Florence was well connected, relentlessly stubborn, and - worst of all - usually right..." (Gorrell 96) "... She was the one who remembered everything. She produced towers of paperwork on demand - notes, regulations, overveiws, letters - all without pay. She wrote about medical equipment, shipboard diets, instructions for surgeons, treatments for yellow fever and cholera. She even came up with a cost-accounting system or the army's medical services."(Gorrell 111)


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