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the lake of souls

by Darren Shan

the lake of souls is the main setting of the book therefor the title is very appropriate

in this fantasy book vampires exist. Darren Shan is a half vampire . His friend Harkat Mulds is going on a journey to discover who he was before he was reincarnated in his new body. On the journey they encounter many things such as panthers, a creature named the grotesque and also dragons guarding a lake known as the lake of souls where harkats old body is. when they pull one out it is revealed to be vampire traitor kurda smaldht!

literary response: #15 diary entry:DAY 5we are still trudging through the wasteland, i am beginning to wonder if this will end, it is all barren with nothing insight for miles.

settingphisical world- the place is a windy wasteland, but also a sacred templetime- the future at the end of the story it is revealed.social environment-they can not understand anyone. CONFLICT- human vs self because harkat is trying to find out who he was.


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