8.2 Wendi S.

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8.2 Wendi S.

Watching Alice: Seek The Prophet BY Daniel Parker & Lee Miller

IS THE TITLE RIGHT FOR THE BOOK?I think the title is appropriate for the book because the main character, Tom, is trying to find Alice and in her diary, she wrote as if she was talking to this "Prophet" person. Tom is "seeking" to find the Phophet to find answers on Alice's dissapearence.

SUMMARYTom's bestfriend, Alice, dissapears and "someone" brings her diary to him. Tom is trying to figure out who she is talking about; The Prophet, The Shepherd, and The Miracle. He has an encounter with an old friend wanting to get revenge and is acting like he has Alice. Tom is debating if he should believe him or that he's just saying he has Alice to distract him from finding Alice. Tom goes on a dangerous misson to find Alice even if it means that he might not make it alive. This book is heart-racing fiction.

November 19Alice is still missing and I still don't know if I can trust Gash when he says that he has Alice. He might just be saying that becuase he wants revenge from going to jail because of Lily's death and how my dad got me out of it and not him. I hope i find her. I love her...

Setting*Physical World- Tom lives in the busy part Manhattan and Alice is hidden somewhere near by. There are lots of buildings and people around Tom.*Time- The time is pretty moderate. It doesn't tell but by the way the surroundings and people around Tom act, it seems 21st century. *Social Environment- It seems like how today is. The only problem is the police. They are very lazy. Everyone is equal, everyone has rights, there are laws, and police. It's just like America is right now.

poster yourself

Conflict Alice is missing and Tom is trying to find her. Here diary says a bunch of stuff about "The Shepard", "The Prophet", and "The Miracle".

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