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8.1 zach h.

The BraveRobert Lipsyte

This title is good for my book because it is about this kid boxer and being brave.

This book is about this kid who drops out of school and he wants to box. He told the coach and the coach told him he has to go back to school in order to box. He goes back to school to box. He like the school and he likes to box. He goes to seven or eight matches.

There is one weakness in the book. The weakness is that he does not like school and he has to go back to school in order to box. So he faces that weakness and goes to school for boxing

The main character is sonny. He is brave,strong, and caring.

Plot Diagram

The point of veiw is first person

The theme is he always wanted to be a boxer

LIKE a prize fighter coming out swinging in the final round, Edwin Cleary saves his most impassioned words until the moment I’m about to leave the boxing gym where he is head coach, writes reporter Oliver Williams.Having spent the best part of an hour learning about the set up of the Wise Terrace gym, meeting some of its members and finding out more about Edwin’s plans for the future, I’m already impressed.But as I’m about to head for the door he tells me one last thing about his approach to training young fighters.He said: “I don’t tell them I can fulfil their dreams but I want them to have a dream because if they do they can achieve anything.”A former pro who once trained alongside Prince Naseem Hamed, Edwin has his own dream which involves moving the gym to a new premises to expand what was set up five years ago.poster yourself


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