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8.1 victor moore

Death Run by Jack Higgins

It is appropriate Because The 2 main charcters in the book get tangled up into their Dads job so people are after them know

Death run is about a brother and sister named Rich and Jade. Rich and Jade get caught up in their Dads spy business with MI6 a Part of British inteligence.They are trying to help a swiss banker from being caught by a criminal mastermind Named the Tiger and his band of mercenaries.That is as far that i have read in this book.

Jade's Brother Rich Taken away to The tigers hideout and Not Knowing if her brother is okay

question 10

Rich is Going to help the banker escape the Tiger's hideout and Jade and her father are going to try and find rich and the banker but first they have to find the tiger's hideout


the physical world is in the UK. the time is in present day . the social enivorment is Rich,middelclass,poor .

The conflict is human vs.human or the tiger vs. the chance family. the tiger hurts people to get what he wants . i don't know if the conflict gets resolved because i haven't finished the book



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