8.1 Samantha B

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8.1 Samantha B

Yes, its a alright title for this book but she could have came up with something more creative.

welll, its a allright title because it is mostly about Joseph and what all he is going threw but i think she should had a more creative title cause Joseph really dont grab someone attenten

My book is realistic fiction .Joseph is fiftenteen years old. Joseph tries to stay in touch with his father but Josephs mother is atticted to drunks and she smokes marijuana. Josephs mother takes alll of the checks dad sends.. Joseph and his mother are liveing at a homeless shelter cause his mother spends all of her money on drugs.

#15...5/18/07Dear Diary.. i really want to live with my aunt Shirley so i could eat every day and daddy wants me to but i cant leave mom. Mother would get really mad cause mom wouldnt get the checks from dad and aunt shirley would be gettn them. wish i knew what to do...

Settings: at a homeless shelter and at grandfathers house till he died and at school (Dulles high school)

Conflict: That a 15 year old boys has to everything on his own and haveing to skip meals cause his mom wants to party and get drugs and he dont want to leave her and his dad is in Iqac and he want Joseph to live with Aunt Shirley so he could ber well feed and not be liveing in a shelter but joseph dont want to leave mom alone.



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