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8.1 Preston L

SilverfinCharlie Higson

This title is perfect for the book. the reader must read deep into the book to understand.The evil villan created a army of man eating eels called silerfin.

wthe book is about the action hero James Bond. He is fight a battle against a insane man named Randolf Hellbore. He is trying to stop the spred of animal warfare. he make friends also eith enemies.

I've stoped that terribale man finally.He was not smart enough for me.George I hope can support him self and be reunitled with his mother. I think i'm going to go and get a good education at the collage.

Randolhf hellbore is creating a serum that can change men into super human weapons.James breaks into his castle and figuers this out this and fight to stop him.HE burns down his castle.

James bond is the main in his younger years. His about 5'7 black hair and not the strongest boys in class.

In britian in the fall going to school. trying to fit in at the new school. meeting his new enemy the hellbores

Beets george in a race . Moves back to his aunt and uncles. find out that they live in castle on top of a lock.Lock silverfin.

He get captured and ingected with his cerum. And escaped throught the floor and swam throght a cave filled with eels. James came back and burn the place to the ground to stop evil within the castle.

James was so sick that he was in a coma for a week. his uncle died in that time. James meet with the gril that save him from Randlohp hellbore.

James returned to his school to his friends. The kids who bullyes his stop bullying him. he still living his life without worries.

This story is written in the 3rd person view. This takes a lot away from the story because it's full of action.

Silverfin is deadly , Silverfin is the future. One man with the thurist for power will use it at any cost. one boy stands in the way.

the tone is darka nd extermly secertif. he is creating a dark story with this book thruoght the 3rd person narrorater .


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