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8.1 Megan s.

Series of Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snicket

Is This Tittle Appropriate For This Book?Yes, because alot of bad things happen in this book and it is very unfortunate.

SummaryThis book is a drama. In this book 3 children are at the beach whaen they find out that there parents died in a house fire. Then the 3 children had to go live with a some distant relative that on the other si8de of town. The man tried to steal all there money so they were sent to another relative.

Literary ResponsDear Diary,Today me Klaus and Sunny had to a ungodly number of chores for Count Olaf. He is a horrable nasty man than only wants to sleal our parents fourtain. But me and Klaus hope to talk to Mr. Poe soon and maybe he can get us out of here. I feel so bad little Sunny has to sleep on the floor in a pile of old sheets and curtains. This just isnt right but hopfully it'll all work work out.

Setting!the physical world seens likes its early or mid 1900 because of the way the cover of the book looks and they dont go to grocrey stores to get food they go to little markets out in town. It seems like everyone in the comunitie does well money wise and and everyone is treated the same except the children of course.

ConflictCount olaf wants the three childrens fourtain and will do anything and everything to get it. His first atempt at getting the money was trying to merry Violet the oldest of the three. He didnt get away with with it though.

CharactersThe three main characters are Violet Klause and Sunny. They are all very sad and scared they just lost there parents now they have to go live with some man they dont evn know. Which is Count Olaf he's another main character he's and evil cold hearted man that just wants to steal all their parents money.

Plot DiagramExposition: When the Baudelaire house burned down with no explination.Rising Action: When Violet Klause and Sunny went to live with Count Olaf.Climax: When Count Olaf tried to marry Violet to get her money.Falling Action: The kids where taken some where else, to a new relative.Resolution:Count Olaf was arrested and taken to jail but he escaped.

P.O.VThis book is written in 3rd person POV.

ThemeI think the theme is as long as you have people around you that care about you and you keep your head up you can get through anything.

Tone the authors tone is susspemcful and sad. I say that because at the begining of the book he says " if you looking for a joyful and cheerful book with a happy ending you should stop reading and close this book now."

Moodthe mood id dark and very sad at some points it can also be deppresing.

Irony The irony in this book iis that you think at the end they will find a nice new care taker and live happily ever after but actually there is a whole seris of horrable things that these children go to as they move from place to place.

SymbolThe eye in this picture stands for VFD which stands for Volenteer Fire Department.

News ArticalCrews are kept busy by two house fires in Rockford this afternoon. The first of these started just before 3pm. Rockford fire fighters got a call to 5214 Gingeridge Lane. When they got there flames and heavy smoke shown from the roof and chimney. Damage is estimated at around $40,000. The Red Cross is assisting a family of eight from that home with temporary living spaces. Just after 3pm firefighters were called to 265 Lilac Lane for another house fire. When crews got to the scene there was fire showing from the home. No people injured in the fire but the family did lose two dogs. Damage is estimated at $45,000. No word yet on what caused the fire to start. Crews were able to control it quickly.poster yourself


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