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8.1 jacob j


The hunger Games is bassed in the future after war. The higher power decide to have an anual hunger games to anour the end of war. The games pick a boy and a girl for each of the twelve destricts to fight to the death. This book has a lot of action saspence and its a little graphic but in all the book is about this girl named Katniss who is from destrict twelve and her sister gets picked during the reaping. The reaping is the drawling for the games. After she gets picked she valonteers to save her sister. During the book you learn about the preperation and strategie it takes for the games

The weaknesis in this book are the isues with Katnisses family because her dad has died in a coal accadent her mother wont talk because of his death and the only food they have is the food Katniss hunts. But when she gets picked how will her mother and sister survive with no food how will she survive in the games. Another deficulty is longing of her family. (question #10)

The Reaping

hunting is their only way to get food

physical setting

social enviroment


the main conflict is the games and the games is solved by someone wining the games and the games is solved by katniss and peta when they win the games

the arena map

Main Charecter Katniss

you meet katniss and her family and learn about the games

the games arent over and katniss oetta and Cato are still alive !

Katniss's little sister gets picked for the games so katniss voleteirs as tribute to save her

the day of the games and allready more than half dies so katniss has to survive on her own

Katniss and petta (the other tribute from her district) trane to survive in the games

katniss and petta win by pretending committing suiciede but the game maker stops them and they are anounced winners !

they are anounced winners and the games are over but the fight isnt over .....

Plot diagram

Scroll down on the diagram squares !

The point of veiw in the book The Hunger Games is ,survival ,family ,even love ,survival: in many situations u have to care for your self, Family: through thick and thin you allways have ur family to turn to , Love: can pull u threw the tough problems u have in life all of these thing are thing katniss witenessis in this book.

Get in find water dont go get suplies its a blood bath said hemeach this is something you would need to know just like get sponsers because a blanket from one could save your life .... the theme is survival


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