8.1 HunterW

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8.1 HunterW

#19: The weakness in this book is that Miles Manning is wanting to ask a girl to the dance but is afraid of what she will say


Miles manning is the star player on his football team. Its the first game of the season and the game is almost over. MIles calls out Crackback which signals the team to block all sides. The Quarterback throws it. Miles intercepts it for the winning touchdown.

Settingphysical world: Kintucky 1990's

Conflict\The main conflict is Human vs. Self - Miles has to figure out a way to be the best at what he does (football). The only way he can this is from how hard he works and how bad he wants it. soon he figures out that not everything is as easy as it looks or sounds. This means that he has to work hard for what he wants the most.

Exposition- kintucky 1990'sMiles, John, Mom, Dad, CoachFootballRising Action- MIles becomes the star playerHe gets the girl he had a crush onFootballClimax- Miles friends make fun of him for not getting the girl he wanted but ends up having the prettiest girl at school.Falling Action- Miles has more of a challenge during the last game .Resolution- Miles takes the football team into the championship and they win it.

Being the best at football

His parents want him to be the best but he feels that they want more and more from him even when he does the best and makes no mistakes.


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