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8.1 eric sink

john coyCrackback

The title is appropriate for this book because in the book they have a saying that they say all the time crackback

The genre of the book is realistic fiction. Its about a boy on a football team and he loses his starting position. His friend gives him steroids to make him better. So hes got a big choice to make. take them and get his starting position or not take them but be healthy.

I just lost my starting position and i didnt do anything wrong. My friend Zack has gave me some steroid pills to make me better and strong and defintaly get my starting position back. I dont know what i should do.

The setting is in california its around september and takes place mostly at school and the football field. Its around 2005 because he says it. he hangs out with upper class people.

the conflict happens when he starts taking pills. Its hvh and hvs. its fixed when he stops taking them.

Miles Manning is the main character he is a football player for his school. He is tall skiney and really aggresive.

Exposition: A guy miles manning plays football for his school he is mostly on the football field and ist around september. Rising Action: He is practicing and doing good when all of the sudden he loses his starting position. Climax: His buddy gives him steroids and tells him he will defintaly get his starting position back. Falling Action: He realizes what the steroids can do to him so he stops taking them. Resolution: Miles gets his starting position back.

This story is written in 1st person point of view. It adds to the story because hes talking about it so he knows more that happened.

Dont try to be somthing your not.

the author is trying to tell you to never do drugs.

the overall mood is suspense and confusing.

one ironic thing that happened is when he got cut from his starting position because he didnt do anything wrong and i didnt expect him to do drugs.

some syboles used in this book would probaly be the nike and the underarmor symboles.

the artical is about a dog going to school to sniff for drugs and there were about 114 incidents of drugs.


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