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8.1 Emily M

Hootby: Carl Hiaasen

Hoot is a good name for this book because, the book deals with owls in their natural habitat. Since owls make a hooting sound, hoot is an appropriete title.

Roy Eberhardt just moved from Montana to Florida. A new Mother Paula's Pancake house is being built but somebody keeps messing with the construction sight. Officer Delinko is trying to catch the criminal. Roy is still trying to catch the running boy, while looking for him Beatrice Leep tells him he's her step brother. As the opening for Mother Paula's Pancake house gets closer, Beatrice, Mullet fingers, and Roy team up to save the owls that live on the construction sight.

Genre: realistic fiction

#19One of Mother Paula's Pancake house's weakness's is that hey're trying to build a new pancake house on a sight where owls live. When people find out about the owls they won't want to eat there and want them to stop construction.

Conflict: Human v. Nature. Mother Paula's Pancake house wants to be built on a group of owls habitat.

Exposition: Florida, present day. Roy Eberhardt is a 13 year old boy.

Rising action: Roy, Beatrice and Mullet fingers find out that Mother Paula is going to kill the owls.

Climax: Roy, Beatrice, and Mullet fingers, and some other kids from Trace Middle School, stand up to Mother Paula's Pancake House when they try to bulldose the owls habitat.

Falling action: A news reporter comes to Roy's house and asks him questions about how he stood up foe the owls at Mother Paula's.

Resolution: Mother Paula's doesn't open up another pancake house because the kids stood up for the owls.

Point of view: This book is written in 3rd person, this takes away some because we can't really tell how the main character is feeling. But it adds to the story because we can see what's going on that the main character can't see.


Tone: I think that the author's tone is curious , because Roy would always go looking for the running boy even when he was told to mind his own business.

Mood: I think the mood for this story is adventurous because Roy, Beatrice, and Mullet Fingers are going to extremes and going to different places to try and save the owls.

Irony: This story has Situational Irony. You expect for Mother Paula's to go on with the construction and take the owls' homes, but what really happens is Roy, Beatrice, Mullet Fingers and some others stop them and save the owls. Another form of irony in this story is, Dramatic Irony. We kind of know who the person is that's vadalizing the construction site, but everybody else doesn't.




Making a Connection: The article i read had to do with people vandalizing the Baltimore home of Edgar Allan Poe. The vandals massed with the steps and scribbled on the door.


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