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8.1 cody h


My book is called hatchet by Gray Paulson its about a 13 year old boy named brian robeson. Hes supposed to be going to see his dad in another state but the pilot has a heart attack on the way there , so brian has to fly the plane and landons in a small lake and crashes and swells up real bad . He noe has to find a way to survie out in the middle of nowhere. The only thing he has is a "hatchet."


Is the title appropriate for the book? Why or why not? Yes, because the title is hatchet and all the boy has is a hatchect and he has to find his way around the woods and survive and make a fprt and find food.

(Brian) I was stranded in the woods nothing to do i was so helpless i was hurt and alone. i have to find a way to survive and not die. Ill make a shelter for now i said and rest maybe someone will come for me in a day or two or maybe not...

(setting) The setting of my book is out in the woods where 13 year old brian is trying to survive after a plane crash in the middle of nowhere

(conflict) The conflict is brian be stranded and being able to survive and stay alive

(main chracter) Brian is the main chracter he's just the average city boy but things change when he goes to see his dad

exposition ....... A boy goes to see hes dad and another state

(rising action) when he starts to fly in the plane in the middle of nowhere.

(climax) The pilot has a heart attack and dies and the plane crashes and brian is stranded out in the wild alone

(falling action) days go by hoping someone will show up

(resolution) he fixes the plane after a while and got it fixed

this was written in first person point of view

the theme is how to survive in the wild and be confident in yourself aand dont give up

the tone of the story is helples the boy feels helpless being alone in the woods

the mood is sad because hes alone and thinks he will die

irony is he thinks he will die but he fixes the plane and survives



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