8 Parts of Speech

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8 Parts of Speech

Hannah K.

An adverb is when you are telling something about a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. Some examples of adverbs are gently, easily, and fast. Again, these are just a few examples of adverbs to help you get an idea of what they are.

An adjective is when you descibe a noun or a pronoun. Some examples of adjectives are tall, quiet, or neat. There are many other adjectives but those are just a few to help you figure out what adjectives are.

8 Parts of Speech


A verb is when you express an action or state of being. Like is, are, run, and jump.


You use an interjection when you show emotion or suprise. You use words like Wow!, Oh!, and Yikes!

Pronouns are used in the place of nouns. Some examples of pronouns are I, me, you, he, she, him, and it. All of those are singular. We, us, you, they, and them are not singular.



A conjuction is when you connect words or a group of words. Some cinjuction words are and, but, or, and because.



A noun is a name of a person, place,thing or idea. Like Bill or billboard.


A preposition shows how a noun is related to some other word in the sentence. Like on, over, or near.



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