8 Function of Proteins

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8 Function of Proteins

Q: What's the difference between an enzyme and a hormone?

Cellular structure proteins function as cytoskeleton! They give a cell structure, just like our bones do!

Cellular Structure

Proteins serve as workers that perform all the jobs in a cell!

Examples: Nuclear matrix proteins, DNA condensing proteins


Examples: DNA and RNA Polymerase

Enzymes speed up chemical reactions by causing collisions (which also speeds up dating)!


Defense proteins recognize and attack invaders, like Pac-Man!

Example: Antibodies

Examples: Tubulin, myosine, actin

Cell movement proteins help the cell change shape, like popular shapeshifters in fiction!

Cell Movement

Signal reception proteins are used for cell-cell communiction, similar to cell phone-tower communication!

Signal Reception

Examples: Receptor for hormones and neurotransmitters

Signal or messenger proteins act as hormones, making you appear crazy or grow!

Examples: Insulin, growth hormone

Signal or Messenger

8 Functions of Proteins

Examples: Glucose transporter, calcium channel, aquaporin


Transporter proteins aid in moving substances, like school buses transport children!

A: You can't hear an enzyme!

Gene replication and expression proteins help with cell division and protein production! The analogy shows this.

Gene Replication and Expression

Examples: Helicase, ligase, reverse transcriptase


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