[2015] jordan humphrey: 8 Battles of Arkansas/Civil War

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[2015] jordan humphrey: 8 Battles of Arkansas/Civil War

Major battles in Arkansas






Battle of Pea Ridge It was fought March 6–8, 1862, Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn launched a Confederate counteroffensive, Curtis held off the Confederate attack on the first day and drove Van Dorn's force off the field on the second. The battle, one of the few in which a Confederate army outnumbered its opponent, essentially cemented Union control of Missouri and northern Arkansas.

Battle of Cane HillThe Battle of Cane Hill was part of a Confederate attempt to drive the Union forces back into Missouri and recapture ground lost during the Pea Ridge campaign of early 1862, when Union forces had secured parts of northern Arkansas. Now, Confederate General Thomas C. Hindman moved his army of 11,000 into Fort Smith.Novemeber 28, 1862

Battle of Devils Backbone The Union victory at Devil's Backbone secured the North's capture of Fort Smith (Sebastian County) on September 1, 1863. Although fighting continued in the region, Fort Smith remained a Union base until the war's end.

Battle of the Arkansas PostThe Confederate Army constructed a large, four-sided earthwork fortification near Arkansas Post, on a bluff 25 feet above the north side of the river, forty-five miles downriver from Pine Bluff, to protect the Arkansas River and prevent Union Army passage to Little Rock. january 9-11

Battle of Prarie GroveThe Battle of Prairie Grove was a battle of the American Civil War fought on December 7, 1862, that resulted in a tactical stalemate but essentially secured northwest Arkansas for the Union.


Battle of Saint CharlesThe Battle of St. Charles was a naval engagement and infantry battle during the American Civil War. It was fought on June 17, 1862, between eight Union ships, including the USS Mound City, and several Confederate shore guns. A Confederate gun hit the Mound City's steam drum, causing an explosion which resulted in heavy casualties[1]: 105 of the 175-man crew were killed.


Battle of Pine BluffOn October 25, 1863, Colonel Powell Clayton of the 5th Kansas Cavalry successfully repulsed efforts by Confederate Brigadier-General John Marmaduke to retake Pine Bluff. Cotton bales hastily placed around the county courthouse and surrounding city streets provided effective barricades for the defenders.

Battle of Poison Springs The Battle of Poison Spring was fought in Ouachita County, Arkansas as part of the Camden Expedition, during the American Civil War. The battle is infamous for the Confederates' slaughter and mutilation of black U.S. soldiers of the 1st Kansas Colored Infantry.(April 18, 1864)



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