7thGrade Personal Narrative

by vbecker
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7thGrade Personal Narrative

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Personal Narratives

The purpose of this blog:

The purpose of your blog is to share your story with a larger audience; your friends, your parents, your family, and, if you choose, the web. Because each one of you is unique, each personal narrative is unique as well. Some are funny, some are sad, while others tell of special moments. My hope is that, through your writing, you will inspire and encourage others to share their stories in the same way.

A blog is an online poster. In addition to producing it online, I would like you to share it with your parents, family and friends during our open house in January. If you feel strongly about keeping your writing private, you will have the choice to not publicly display it as a glog.

Sharing my blog:

• your first nameintroduction (blog) graphic elements that demonstrate who you are • these need to relate to your personal narrative in some way• it can be pictures, graphics from glogster, scanned documents, etc. positive quotes/nicknames/funny (appropriate) comments or phrases your friends call you or say to you (at least 3)If you wrote a personal narrative that touched you in some way, I would love for you to write about that. We will be giving each other written feedback about the personal narratives. If you especially liked what someone wrote, put it on your glog.

These elements need to be on your blog:


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