7th grade summer

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7th grade summer

For summer vacation, I am going to go to California for a week to spend time with my family.We always go every year.Also I am going to Utah.My parents like to travel a lot so we always end up going somewhere.

7th Grade!!

This is what the local food looks like.

My favorite subject was Art.Why its my favorite subject is because Mr.Miranda mostly gives us pizza,and doughnuts for 4th period.

On Team Day I had so much fun time at Wahooz.Especially playing Laser Tag I also liked ther food.The only thing I didn;t like was that it was raining and we didn't get to go and use the race cars other that it was fun

I used to think when I was little that clouds where made out of cotton candy. I would jump up and down trying to grab the cotton candy but I never could.

My favorite song is See you Again by wiz Khalifa.I really like it ecause I iked watching his movies.

7th grade year went out really fast.I have mads new friends witch I thought I wouldn't have made.The fist days or weeks I was hanging out with my elementarty friends after a couple weeks have passed I started to hang out with other people.

Even though its going to be summer I am going to take online summer classes.


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