7th Grade Social Studies

by mfreund
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Social Studies
African-American History

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7th Grade Social Studies

There are three key enquiry questions to consider:1. What was life like for slaves?2. How did the Triangle Slave Trade come about?3. Why did the Triangle Trade end?By the end you should be able to answer the key question 'Why was slavery so important to the countries that particpated in the slave trade?


Create a digital project or presentation, attempting to answer the question 'How did Slavery contribute to the growth of the countries that participated in the slave trade?'

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1) In your group, each choose one enquiry question to focus on.2)Find the other children in the class who are researching the same area as you.3) Work together to learn as much as you can about your chosen area.4) Return to your group and share the information you have found with them!



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