761st Tank Regiment

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Social Studies
World War II

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761st Tank Regiment

-Jackie Robinson was involved, but was kicked out due to a bus incident-Rated by Second Army Commander Lt. General Ben Lear-Were assigned to General George S. Patton Jr.'s third army.-Sgt. Samuel Turley, a man that gave his life to save comrades.-The many soldiers involved in the regiment.


-Formed on April 1st, 1942-Landed on Omaha beach on October 10, 1944-November 8, 1944 they become the first black unit to enter combat-May 5, 1945 they met up with Russians-1978, recieved Residentail Unit Citation

-They recieved and official Presidential Unit Citation.-Sergeant Ruban Rivers was awarded the Medal of Honor.-By the end of the war, 11 Silver Stars were awarded (One of them was Ernest A. Jankins).-69 Bronze Star medals were awarded.-Numerous books were written about them in their honor. "Pattons' Panthers"

Why they're remembered

-Their motto, "Come out Fighting".-A few gave their lives-They were the first American units linked with Soviet forces-They fought the Battle At Bulge (Fighting Germans)-Bravery in the field.

Connection To WWII

-They trained in tanks for years -They landed in France, and fought along the way across Europe-They faught in the Battle at Bulge (it was 183 days long)-Specialized in armored warfare(tanks)-They Drove their tanks all the way to turkey.

The 761st Tank Regiment



The All Black 761st Tank Battalion General Patton's Black Panthers


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