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70s Television

Television in the 1970s had a variety of shows.

M*A*S*HTakes place in an army hospital during the Korean War. Medical staff apply both a serious and comical side during the show.

Perry Mason

70s Television

"One more thing..."Columbo

The Beverly Hillbillies

Starsky and Hutch

With the help of his secretary and investagator, defence attorney, Perry Mason proves his clients innocence in the toughest cases

The Beverly Hillbillies is about the life of a hillbilly family who moved to Beverly Hills after discovering oil on their land.

Happy Days

A show of high school kids living in the 1950s in their day to day life with the cool kid, Fonzie.

Police detectives, Starsky and Hutch, use their Gran Torino to chase crime in New York City.


A western in the 1860s showing the challenges of living in the wild west. A father and his three sons live on their ranch always trying to do the right thing.

Gilligan's Island


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