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Royal JellyBy: Roald Dahl

Royal Jelly is a specful short story by Roald Dahl. The story starts with a 6 week old and her mother. The baby has lost 2 pound sence birth already, she wouln't eat anything. Her mother is getting strest and worried about their baby while the father dosnt care. The father in this story is a bee keeper and has found a new instrest in Royal jelly, a jelly made by bees for bee to make them turn into queen bees. Suddeny while the dad is watched the child she started to do some "diffrent" things then before...

Meet the characters: The Mother, Father, and child are the main characters in the storie, and the only ones!

Glogster made by: Molly Wagner Period 7

When One Thing Goes Wrong, Nothing Will Ever Be The Same....

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