7 Steps to a Healthy Relationship

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7 Steps to a Healthy Relationship

Trusting your partner plays a big role in a healthy relationship. If you can't trust your partner, you don't feel like it's a stable relationship. You also can't be confident that your partner is being loyal.

7 Steps To a Healthy Relationship

In a relationship you need support on both ends. A healthy relationship requires support during the bad times and the good. Your partner should be there for you when your friend moves away, but they should also be there to celebrate when they come home.



Being in a relationship can be very exciting and fun, and sometimes you just want to spend all your time with your partner. This is not very healthy.You both have lives outside of your relationship. You need to have time apart to live your separate lives.

Respect should be used in every relationship. If there is no respect, your relationship can quickly become unhealthy.Your partner should respect you and your choices. They should also value you and your choices.



In order to accomplish these steps, you need to communicate. You need to be able to tell each other you feelings and thoughts about things. If you can't tell your partner what the problem is you can't solve it.

This is closely related to trust because it is really hard to trust someone if they aren't honest. If your partner lies to you, you can't fully trust them and your relationship will not be very stable.


There are two sides to a relationship, you and your partner. Both sides need equal attention. There needs to be balance, for example; as a couple you should hang out with your friends about as much as you spent with your partners friends. There is no such thing as a one sided relationship.




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