7-02 Cecilia Bayles

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7-02 Cecilia Bayles

Paraguay Naitonal Anthem

Map of Paraguay

Paraguay Transportion

Kids of Paraguay

Paraguay is slightly smaller than Calforina and its climate is hot, humid, and rainy.

Paraguay's Capital is Asuncion and the population is 6,703,860.

If i lived in Paraguay i would eat cocido which is cooked sugar and milk, empanadas which is deep fried meat or veggie turnovers, tortillias, chipa which is a hard cheese bread, and chicken/pork dishes.

The people in Paraguay are traditional, welcoming, and proud of there heritage.

Mucho Gusto means pleased to meet you.Al pelo means encourageing and thumbs up.Seated passengers usally offer to hold babys or packages for standing passengers on busses.

If i lived in Paraguay i would always wear a dress or skirt and if i lived in the city my hair and nails would be done and i would wear lots of makeup.

For fun i would play soccer, go to the movies, and watch sports.

A holiday i would celebrate is carnaval which is a week of parades and parties.

The current leader of Paraguay is President Horacio Cartes.

Paraguays currency is the gurani and i gurani is $4438.16 US dollars.

If i lived in Paraguay my family would be farmers and we would grow soy beans.

If i were a child in paraguay i would play soccer and help my parents on the farm.


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