6th grade Research Project- Endangered Species\\

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6th grade Research Project- Endangered Species\\

Endangered Species Research

Text Box #1Name of AnimalScientific Name of AnimalDescription of Animal-color-size/weight rangeSpecial Characteristics/ AdaptationsHabitatWhere this animal is found

Text Box #2Write a paragraph (at least 5 sentences) that answers the following questionsWhy did you choose to research this animal?Explain why this animal is endangered. How long has this species been on the endangered list?What are the threats to this animal (environmental, ecological, biological, interaction with humans)?What is the current population of this animal (2012/ 2013)?

Text Box #3Write a paragraph (at least 5 sentences) that includes the following information.What is currently being done to protect this endangered species?Are there laws that protect this species? If so, what are the laws? Is there a place where this species is protected- zoo/ wildlife sanctuary/ conservatory? Who can be contacted to find out more information about protecting this species? (specific organizations- include name and contact information)

You must include at least 2 graphics-These can be pictures or videos.You can add links to your pictures!

Name of Endangered SpeciesScientific Name

Your NameHourDate

Be Creative!

Text Box #4Include 5 interesting facts about your animal. Use complete sentences!

Your Glog does not need to look exactly like this, but it does need to include the following elements/ information.

Works CitedYou must include at least 3 sources, written in correct MLA format.1) Magazine or Book from Ebsco ( from IMS Library Databases)2) Article from an Online Encyclopedia (from IMS Databases)3) A website, book, or another article from an Online Database



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