6th Amendment

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6th Amendment

This means that the government cannot hold someone in jail while purposely delaying a trial.

6th Amendment

Impartial Trial

Public Trial


Speedy Trial

This keeps the government from having secret trials and helps to ensure government officials are following the rules.

This means there will be a trial by jury, however, only applies if serious offense where punishment is more than 6 months in prison. The jury must also be unbiased.

(Notice of Accusation)This means the person is told of what crime they are being charged with. Without it, the government could lock people up without telling them what they have done wrong.


This means people who say they witnessed the crime must testify in court, which gives the defendant or their lawyer a chance to question them.


(Assistance of Counsel)This means the defendant is garunteed a lawyer. If they cannot afford a lawyer the government will provide one.

Why was it added?The Founding Fathers did not like the way the British handled matters of crime and justice. They wanted to protect the basic rights of the accused.

Added to the Consititution on December 15, 1791

The Right To:* Speedy Trial* Public Trial* Impartial Jury* Notice of Accusation* Confrontation* Assistance of Counsel

Side Notes:* Trial can be reloacted in order to get an unbiased jury.* Defendants can represent themselves if they choose not to have a lawyer.


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