How students can develop discipline

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How students can develop discipline

Speaking of college life we imagine infinite parties that end up with unfinished homework and bad grades. Students are looking for fun that leads to searching for writing help. Most of them are afraid to live a boring college life so they give up on studying. They don’t know that a little bit of a solid discipline can organize everything well without harm to parties. Our brain is a computer that can be programmed to do what you tell it to do. Here are some of my favorite lifehacks on improving self-discipline: Set a reward Having fun at a party is a great feeling. However, it can be stronger if you deserve to party. Set this scheme that would change your perception of homework: completed task = deserved reward. Don’t chill until you do something. Perform it for a few times and your brain will remember the algorithm. It will remember that doing homework leads to fun. Later, you’ll be willing to write an essay or finish your term paper as it will bring you to the deserved party. Everything is about habits Habit is a strong tool to control ourselves. I’d like to share my own experience. I hated to wake up early but I had to do that. I was always late and was almost kicked out from my university. I decided to develop a “waking up early” habit. It was tough but I developed it by using all willpower I had. Now I can’t sleep much despite the fact it is weekends. Now I’m under control of this habit. In fact, I started to love early wake-ups and get benefits from it. Think of habits that can be useful for you and develop them (it will be tough only for the first time). Know your weaknesses Acceptance of your weaknesses will let you transform them into your strengths. The problem of many people (not only students) in pretending they don’t have any flaws. This is a lose-lose scenario. You should be aware of your vulnerabilities or they will chase you all the time. Set up a schedule (and follow it!) All disciplined people have a schedule. Really, all of them. Having a schedule will prevent you from wasting your time. You can start from a week schedule. Put your classes there, time for doing homework, library time, two parties on Friday and Saturday and set strict time frames. You will notice changes in your behavior after the first week, I promise. Our brains are lazy guys and we need to start them like some sort of an engine. Rules are not scary This topic is so popular nowadays. I guess you can find a million articles on it. I wrote this one because developing self-discipline isn’t an instruction to fixing a chiller. This article can inspire two people while others would find it useless. Another article can work on another three people etc. So what I wanted to say is don’t be afraid of rules and discipline. It may be scary when you think of it, but when you feel the impact of being a self-disciplined person you would change your mind.

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