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6 Word Bios

Christopher: caring, honest, dependable, active, witty, thinker

Trisha: positive, outgoing, friendly, teacher, risk-taker, open minded

Dr. Z: learner, reader, teacher, risk-taker, positive, inquisitive

Ryan: spontaneous, outgoing, worldly, hard-working, humorous, ambitious

Six Word Biographies

Dena: determined, giving, authentic, mother, devoted, flawed

Erin: christian, fun, laid back, loving, excited, learner

Shannon: friendly, inquisitive, family-oriented, witty, loving, loyal

Nanci: mother, wife, teacher, coach, pianist, passionate

Sheri: dedicated, loving, positive, patient, respectful, survivor

Interesting biographies.Lots of similarities in descriptors while many differences, too.Keep up the good work!

Patricia: enthusuastic, caring, quiet, dreamer, spontaneous, nurturing

Jennifer Powell: teacher, caring, worrier, believer, mother, wife

Kelsey: caring, determined, honest, motivated, outgoing, outspoken

Jenna: wife, patient, book worm, laid-back, laughter, people pleaser

Kelley: active, planned, organized, energetic, thinker, feeler

Megan: patient, listener, teacher, active, outdoorsy, compassionate

Teresa: mother, nature-lover, out-going, caring, educator, fun-loving

Martha: mother, wife, caring, trustworthy, hard-worker, loving

Lisa: quick, positive, reliable, flexible, optimistic, tactful

Jennifer: mother, wife, strong-willed, tender-hearted, caring, adventurous

Denise: friendly, teacher, caring, hard-worker, outgoing, learner

Robert Jason: funny, cynical, romantic, witty, congenial, hungry

Sonja: cautious, patient, responsible, caring, counselor, peristent

Antwaun: faithful, integrity, caring, humble, adventurous, observer


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