6 Major Nutrients

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6 Major Nutrients

Major Nutrients:CarbohydratesLipidsProteinsVitaminsMineralsWater

Carbohydrates - sugars and starches;come from plants, with the exception of lactose (milk) and glycogen (meats)

Lipids - triglycerides, phospholipids and cholesterol; come from animal products, nuts, seeds, vegetable oils

Proteins - amino acid polymers; found in animal products

Minerals - inorganic substances:calciumphosphoruspotassiumsulfursodiumchloridemagnesium(see appendix C for uses)vegetables, legumes, milk, meat

Vitamins - organic molecules:A, D, E, K = fat solubleBs, C = water soluble(see appendix C for uses)Found in all major food groups

Carbohydrates are the main fuel for the body. The energy stored in simple and complex carbs is released for the body to use quickly or stored for later use. Cellulose is a type of carb that humans cannot digest. This is "fiber" in our diet that helps keep the digestive system working properly.

water is used to control body temperature, transport materials through the body, act as a reactant in chemical reactions, and protects/cushions body parts such as the brain.

Proteins build muscles and other body structures, carry oxygen, build hormones and control metabolic functions in the body.

lipids are used to build cell membranes and other structures, provide energy, help in the absorption of certain vitamins, and provide cushion and insulation for the body.

Water - makes up approx. 60% of food volume


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