6 Important Moments in my Literacy Development

by odilaescobar
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6 Important Moments in my Literacy Development

6 Important Moments in Literacy Development

Learning a New LanguageLearning a new language for me was a great experience and one of my greatest accomplishments. Learning how to speak, write, and read was just incredible. Overcoming the bullying of kids in my classroom for pronouncing words incorrectly was the hardest part I believe. One of my favorite childhood books was Clifford the Big Red Dog. First book in English that I read all by myself and that I fell so accomplish. After this it only motivated me to want to read more.

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My Goal to TEACH!!

Learning the AlphabetLearning the alphabeth in Spanish was one of the most important moments of my literacy that is how every child begins. It was fun and easy. I learned it at school but also through fun educational programs on t.v. that mother encourage for me to watch. :)

Immigrated to U.S.AOne of the toughest moments of my life. Had to leave my family behind in Mexico and come to a new country where I had to learn a new language and adjust to a new culture. At the age of 9 I felt like a kindergarten again, but one must learn to adapt to change in order to grow. You can only achieve success if you work hard. I learn that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!

Senior Year in USA!!

Age of 13Being bilingual is great when it comes to speaking!!Arriving to Mexico again was a big change. Adjusting to Spanish was difficult when writing. Both of my parents did not have much education; therefore could not assist me much in helping me write. Until this day I have problems with punctuation in Spanish language.

Got back to the USA. My writing, reading, speaking in English skills were moderate. I had to take English classes to better my skills to pass the high school exam in order to graduate. I just had ONE OPPORTUNITY!!

I believe everyone holds on to a goal. Mine is becoming a Math Teacher!! What is yours?? :)



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