5th grade research

by alschroeder
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5th grade research

Before we begin, let's build your "wild self!" We will use this avatar for your Glog.

Click here for a link to the project handout and schedule.

5th Grade Research Report & Glog

Each of you will have your own Glog. You will use your school username and password (the one you've always had!) Your teacher will set up the account and it will be available for you to use by Thursday, Sept. 30th.

Check out a sample research Glog!

What's the "Wordle"?

Each of you will create a "wordle" about your topic.

TOPICS:1. Gulf Oil Spill2. Disappearing Ice Cap3. Conserving the World's Rainforests4. Garbage and Waste Produced in U.S.

Click on the "topics' post-it to view a list of web sites you can visit for your research.


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